Strong Neodymium Magnet Double Side Search Magnets Hook Super Power Salvage Fishing Magnetic Stell Cup Holder Max Pull 200kg

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Double Side Double Ring

This is a very good magnet it is double-sided but it comes with two eyebolt holes and you can use it vertically or horizontally.Note:Our magnet's pull was measured on a 10cm pure iron plate,if you measured with some other products like refrigerator and test it. because iron of the refrigerator is too thin,the pull will be reduced,and the suction is not reflected.plz know that!!!

Prouduct Information
Strong magnetic performances and never will demagnetization.

Can absorb on iron metal and hang items.

Material: Strong Magnet + A3 Steel

Working temperature: 80deg


Magnet Fishing – Treasure hunting in the river or lake you never know what you may find,

The larger the contact area, the better the magnetic effect.
D48 Max Pull 80kg
D60 Max Pull 120kg
D67 Max Pull 150kg
D75 Max Pull 200kg

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