New Loss Prevention Alarm Smart Mini Bluetooth Search GPS Locator Portable Tracker Car Wallet Briefcase IOS Children’s Key

Price: [price_with_discount]


Name: Apple Anti-loss device

Supported software version/Hardware: Software iOS 14.5/iPhone, iPhone touch

Size: 38*38*7mm

Weight: 9 g

Waterproof grade; Domestic waterproofing

Product color: Black

* One-click pet location search, intelligent real-time positioning, signal stability

* Accurate positioning, one key to find scattered children and the elderly, safe and assured

* It is suitable for a variety of scenarios and makes it easy to keep track of various items

How to use:

1. Open the “Find My” app

2.Click "Add Item"

3. Select "Other Support Projects"

4. Click "Connect"

5. Link to your Apple ID

6. Finish

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