1pc of magnet fishing neodymium magnet canister with ring ring bolt hook fishing magnet powerful powerful magnetic search

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Product size: D20,D25,D32,D36,D42,D48,D60,D75
Product material: sintered Ndfeb
Magnet coating: nickel copper nickel three layer treatment, good rust resistance, corrosion resistance.
Performance grade: N35
Direction of magnetization: Thickness of magnetization (N S on two big faces)
Max working temperature: 80 degrees celsius
Precautions: Be careful, fragile, careful, keep it dry at room temperature
Density: 7.34 (g/cm3)

Pot magnetic and ndfeb material, designed by German famous designer, pot magnetic suction magnet of all is the strongest, all his suction was concentrated at the bottom, so the suction is very powerful, appearance is very delicate, beautiful, surrounded by using A3 steel protect magnet design, general is not easy to be broken, even if broken can be normal use, plus 304 stainless steel rings and screw! Is our salvage good helper!

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