Handheld Metal Detector Needle Scanner Tester Hand Held Food Monitor Needle Finder Search Magnets Iron in Cloth Toys TY-25MJ

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Technical performance:

1, Instrument volume : length 135 × width 65 × height 35mm, is the smallest micro- needle detector .

2 , Instrument weight : 150g, using light and flexible .

3 , using the power of the instrument 6F22-9V battery , the quiescent current > 5mA, dynamic current 30mA, consumable electrodes Province.

4 ,Can be continuous long-term work , no heat , no overload. When the supply voltage drops below 6V will produce less than a continuous chirping sound , it means less power should replace the same type of battery.

5, High-sensitivity , can detect very small needle breakage , such as the1.5mm Fe detection block as the basis to detect height up to 10mm or more ; like 0.7*20mm needle to test basis , its detection height up to 50mm or more.

How to use:

1 ,Set the nylon rope into operation wrist , thumb and then push the power switch to the ON position, the audible alarm will be issued twice , which means that the instrument is in normal working condition , can be put to use to detect .

2 , will be non-ferromagnetic material into the subject the presence of an object work surface , with the instrument to swing back and forth once per second frequency being uniformly on the surface as a uniform movement of the subject matter , such as found inside the ferromagnetic material that will produce audible alarm repeatedly . Then further narrow detection range. Finally able to find the exact location of the needle correctly ferromagnetic material existence can be achieved quickly ruled out the correct purpose .

3 , when useing, it should only about swinging back and forth , it detects the best, can not be remade from top to bottom , in order to avoid false alarms and even damage the instrument.


1 , the instrument can be knitting, clothing , shoes, socks, clothing and other products for all wearing breakage detection . Can quickly find the right clothes to wear in the presence of needle breakage, wear safety personal bail .

2 , the instrument can be of pharmaceutical , food, chemical raw materials for ferromagnetic material inspection.

3 , the instrument can also check the condition of the existence of wood, walls, tables, interior nails , steel , pipe.

4 , the instrument can also be on the human body , animals and other injuries , cuts, and other parts of crushed check whether their internal iron infiltrated harmful residue .

5 , the instrument can also be used to hide weapons inspectors border inspection post of public servants . Quick search branch – gun


1 set Probe host

1 pcs Hanging Rope

1 pcs Instruction

1 pcs Test card


The hand-held probe iron ambient temperature is -5C to 40C
Must be promptly after the power is turned off after use to extend battery life. Please remove the long-term without the battery to avoid battery exudate components of corrosion damage .
Note waterproof , moisture , and keep clean and dry, if the unit is damaged for life maintenance services.

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