Double Side Search Magnet Super Strong Neodymium Magnet Fishing Salvage Magnet Sea Fishing Holder Pulling Mounting Pot with Ring

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Double Side Search Magnet Super Strong Neodymium Magnet Fishing Salvage Magnet Sea Fishing Holder Pulling Mounting Pot with Ring



1. Parts models:Double side Neodymium magnets/ fishing magnet

2. Material: neodymium magnets + steel + black resin
3. Size: D75mm
4. The coating: two magnet and steel cover is three layer of Ni, Cu and Ni
5. The maximum vertical strain


6. The highest working temperature: 80 degrees Celsius

Package includes:

1 x Double Side Fishing Magnet

1,The ndfeb magnet is sold by the size, unit of measure for mm, please pay attention to size.
2, and related electronic products, such as bank CARDS, mobile phones, such as cardiac pacemaker,Is affected by the ndfeb magnet, please keep a certain distance, to avoidCause unnecessary losses.
3,The NdFeB magnet is fragile, characteristic is hard and brittle, especially the large size Products, thin strip and flake, separate magnet, Please put away from each other, must not Break hard to pry, so as to avoid damage to the product or injury, kept apart A certain distance, lest touch, damage to the product.
4,NdFeB magnet surface protection coating, anticorrosive have certain ability, butIf not timely use, must be far away from the high temperature corrosion environment.

5,The pictures of the products are for display only. The color and size of the products are slightly different, especially the fishing ropes and gloves. The colors are shipped randomly.

Matters needing attention

For magnets with strong magnetic force and large size, please translate and stagger them carefully when they are separated. After separation, please keep a certain distance to avoid hand clamping. Improper operation will crush the finger bone.

Magnets are not toys! Make sure children do not play with magnets. Please keep it out of the reach of children, so as not to cause dangerous complications.

Magnets are made of different metals and have the function of conducting electricity. Please keep magnet away from power socket to prevent electric shock.

The magnet may affect the function of pacemaker and implantable defibrillator. The device may stop working. Please keep a certain distance.

The magnet is fragile. It is easy to break in collision. Sharp fragments may be ejected several meters and hurt you. Wear safety glasses when handling larger magnets.

Magnets may damage TVs, laptops, bank cards, data storage media, mechanical watches, hearing aids and loudspeakers. Please keep a certain distance.

High temperature will demagnetize the magnet and avoid high temperature use. Please ensure that the working temperature is less than 80 ℃ before purchase.

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