Super Strong Search Magnet Neodymium Magnet 1pc D90-D120 Salvage Fishing Magnetic Hook Max 480KG Deep Sea Fishing Magnets

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Neodymium Magnet 1pc Super Strong Search Magnet D20-D90 Salvage Fishing Magnetic Hook Deep Sea Fishing Magnets with Ring


▲Ordinary neodymium magnets only use one side of their magnetic field to adhere to the metal, which means they only use half of the available strength.

▲However, if a steel cup is added, the other pole of the magnet is used, which makes the strength of the magnet much higher than that of ordinary neodymium magnets, but also weakens the magnetic force on the other side.

▲If you need the highest possible pulling force, then the neodymium cup magnet is the answer to meet your magnet needs

▲When the weather is fine, call your friends to hunt for treasures!

▲How wonderful it is to enjoy the sun while enjoying the salvage!

Product size: D90,D110,D120
Product material: sintered Ndfeb
Magnet coating: nickel copper nickel three layer treatment, good rust resistance, corrosion resistance.
Performance grade: N35
Direction of magnetization: Thickness of magnetization (N S on two big faces)
Max working temperature: 80 degrees celsius
Precautions: Be careful, fragile, careful, keep it dry at room temperature
Density: 7.34 (g/cm3)

Pot magnetic and ndfeb material, designed by German famous designer, pot magnetic suction magnet of all is the strongest, all his suction was concentrated at the bottom, so the suction is very powerful, appearance is very delicate, beautiful, surrounded by using A3 steel protect magnet design, general is not easy to be broken, even if broken can be normal use, plus 304 stainless steel rings and screw! Is our salvage good helper!




Neodymium iron boron rare earth, currently on the strong magnetic material. In theory the suction is hundreds of times its own weight.



1. Magnet is not iron, raw material rare earth Neodymium iron boron fired, is fragile, can not impact, due to its own suction so will not pay attention to when the suction, there is a collision, may be broken, so please pay attention to handle light!
2. The characteristics of strong magnetic magnet are hard and brittle, especially the long and thin strips and the strong magnetic field with pore are fragile.
When separating the magnet from the magnet, it is necessary to slide away slowly. After separating the magnet, the distance between the magnet and the magnet should be kept well. Otherwise, the magnet may be damaged by collision (cut off corners or break off) when absorbing each other.

Installation steps:

screw to the bottom of the magnet first, then tighten the screw of the 304 stainless steel lifting ring, pay attention not to screw too tight, the magnet is easy to crack, there is a specification of rope gift, just need to tie the rope according to the personal habit of fixing the magnet and rope.
Be careful to tie it tight, otherwise it will fall off easily when fishing.



Instructions for Use of Strong Magnetism:

1. Between strong magnetic or with other iron phase suction and separation, careful operation can not impact! Otherwise easy to cause damage or clip fingers;
2. Ndfeb strong magnetic material is hard, brittle and with strong magnetic field. It should be taken lightly and put away.
3. Strong magnetic suggested pushing stagger, must not hard lever, otherwise easy to cause a lack of Angle;
4. Keep away from display, bank card, computer, TV, mobile phone, etc

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