Gold Hunter T90 Full waterproof underground gold metal detector with wireless headphones and 12\

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As the first fully waterproof underground metal detector under the TUOGH MAN series, the FROGMAN T90 can not only find metals on land, but also continue to help you underwater. The excellent performance of T90 allows you to obtain better detection results in various environments.

Gold Hunter T90 ships complete with the Wireless Backphone Heaphones + 12" Double-D Coil with lightweight S-Telescopic Pole.

And this wireless backphone style headphone is weather resistant. Super light and compact!

FAST:With its Extremely fast recovery speed you'll find Good targets next to trash.

POWERFUL: Has two precise modes: automatic mode and sizing mode.

BIG COIL: 12" Search DOUBLE-D Coil

Lightweight S-Telescopic system

Features: 1. Numeric/sound/cursor distinguishes metal: different metals display different values, different sounds, and different cursors, thus reducing unnecessary digging.

2. Intelligent backlight: It can turn on/off the backlight at any time according to its own environment. At night, the dark environment can be applied at the same time.

3. Automatic balance function: The instrument has automatic balance, and the complex environment is not screaming.

4. Precise positioning: Just press the positioning button easily, you don't need to press the same long as other metal detectors.

5. Waterproof probe: All the LCD screens are waterproof and can be used under 1.3 meters deep.

6. Strong upgrade to high pressure, stable anti-interference.


Model: Gold Hunter T90

Waterproof: Whole body waterproof

Working temperature: -10~+65 °C

Display mode: sound + display mode

Coil: 18.75 KHZ waterproof coil

LCD Display Size: 59*53MM

Light source: Backlight

Detection Mode: Coin and treasure mode,Prospecting mode.

T90 Whole Set Net weight: 1.25kg (not including battery, wireless headphone)

Package information: Package size: 63*35*13CM Package weight: 2.8KG Exclusive color box + Hard Box

1 x Metal Detector  (not inclued battery)
1 x 12inch Search Coil
1 x English User Manual
1 x Wireless Headphone

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