Anti Spy Tracker Hidden Camera Detector Wireless RF Signal Bug Detector Infrared GPS Search Gadget Automation Alarm PK K68 K18

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Anti Spy Wireless RF Signal Detector Bug GSM GPS Tracker Infrared Anti Candid Hidden Camera Detector Automation Alarm PK K68 K18

Main functions:

1,Reflection point detection of visual camera

2,Automatic sensing infrared night vision camera

3,Automatic sensing 2/3/4G, WIFI, GPS signal detection

Product features:

5 φ5 LED lights

Integrated 5 ultra-high-power laser LEDs, the red light emitted is quite harsh do not face the human eye, it will damage the eyesight

Built-in 200mAh battery

Built-in 200 mAh lithium battery, charge 1 hour can be full, full once can standby for 2 months

Wavelength 600nm long-pass filter

Professional 600nm long-pass filter, only through the 600nm or more wavelengths of light! Exactly the same material as the professional SLR camera lens. You can see, the glass here from the outside looks discolored, not ordinary plastic sheet, we do not design that kind of junk material.

Integrated infrared sensor photosensitive

Can be sensitive to sense the night vision camera, because the night vision camera is to rely on infrared light to shoot. Usually we are inside the hotel room, with the lights off, closed doors and windows, think others can not see it, no, others with infrared cameras, in the dark environment can see clearly. So we have to match one of these special infrared camera equipment

Built-in professional RF antenna

Professional walkie-talkie manufacturers supply special tuning antenna, signal band wide, good anti-interference ability

2 / 3 / 4G traffic signal, WIFI signal, GPS signal capture sensing

Generally seen on the market wireless surreptitious camera, remote recording bug, GPS locator, tracker, are used to insert cell phone traffic card or wifi connection, only the traffic card and wifi connection they can transmit the data recorded secretly. Therefore, our signal detector, it can be very accurate to capture the signal when it uploads and downloads data, once the device has data flow, you can immediately sense it.

We have 6 signal indicators, the more lights prove the stronger the signal, accompanied by a buzzer beeping.

The GPS locator works in a special way, it is not always emitting signals, it is sending signals at intervals. For example, our live demonstration of this GPS it is 30 seconds to launch once, so we use the signal detector detection, must be patient detection, do not move too fast.

Application range:

1. laser 5 ~ 10 meters can be, the general room floor distance from the ceiling is 3 meters, usually installed in a corner of the ceiling sneak peek equipment

2. Infrared induction 5 ~ 10 meters can be, the general room floor distance from the ceiling is 3 meters, usually installed in the ceiling of a corner of the sneak peek equipment

We hold the device, the light-sensing head is facing the front, walking around the room, if this time the device beeping, indicating that there is infrared transmitting equipment in front. Note that the device sensing angle is 30 degrees, if too far or not directly in front, is not received infrared.(This function needs to be used in a dark environment, because there are infrared rays in the daytime environment, such as sunlight, and the device will also issue an alarm, so using it in a dark environment can ensure the accuracy of infrared detection)

3. The range of signal sensing is within 2 meters, we generally need to hold the device, scanning in each corner of the room.

After using the signal detector, the first known signal sources in the room to close, such as routers off, cell phones off, etc., so as to accurately rank the remaining unknown signal sources out.

What is in the packaging box:

Detector * 1

USB charging cable * 1

Instructions * 1

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