Double side D75*25mm Search magnet Hook 160KGx2 Super power D48-D75mm Salvage Fishing magnetic Stell Cup holder

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Double side D75*25mm Search magnet Hook 160KGx2 Super power D48-D75mm Salvage Fishing magnetic Stell Cup holder

It mainly consists of a high-grade neodymium magnet and a steel shell. The steel case is crucial for enhancing the magnetic force, it can concentrate the Powerful magnetic field at the bottom of the magnet, which increases the magnetic force 2.5 – 4 times compared to the bare magnet. At the same time, a steel cup can prevent the exposed magnet from scratching and chipping during gripping and clamping.
The magnets are designed for heavy duty and underwater use. It can help restore lost equipment, tools, fishing gear and other black objects in deep water, wells, holes. It is also great for magnetic fishing, lifting, hanging and retrieving applications.

Material: neodymium magnet, steel, black resin
Surface: nickel plating
Coating: magnet and steel coating (Ni + Cu + Ni triple layer)
Max working temperature: 80 Deg.C

1. Magnetic pull force was tested using a computer tensile tester. Actual traction force will vary mainly depending on the following variables:
A: steel thickness: the thinner the steel, the lower the pulling force, 200kg. Vertical magnetic pulling force was obtained on the basis of 30mm thickness of the steel plate.
B: direction of extrusion: the greater the direction of extrusion is at 90deg, the lower the extrusion force, usually the extrusion force in the horizontal direction is only about one third of that in the vertical direction.
C: attracting position: the farther from the center of gravity, the lower the pulling force.
In addition, the iron chips of the magnetic surface also reduce the pull force of the magnet to some extent.
2. Magnet only attracts iron, ferrous metal and nickel, does not attract gold, silver, copper, aluminium and their alloy and stainless steel.
3. The magnetic force concentrates on the bottom of the fishing magnet, there is almost no magnetic force on other surfaces.

Keep away from children of all ages.
Do not let the magnets jump together or on a metal surface, special attention should always be taken when handling.

Max Operating Temperature:80 Celsius degree / 176 Fahrenheit degree
Package Include: 1 Pcs/Lot

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