MD5090 Underground Gold Metal Detector Finder Objects Buried Search Treasure Hunting Material Check Equipment with Headphones

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This MD-5090 Underground Metal Gold Detector is ideal for those who are looking for a serious entry-level machine. With your metal detector, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere. This metal detector is versatile and easy to use.

ApplicationDetecting metal objects buried underground. Widely used in security check, treasure hunting, material check etc..

Feature1. Two Operation Modes: All Metal, Disc
2. Volume – To adjust the volume level of speaker and headphone.
3. Earphone Jack – Lets you connect headphones (not supplied) to the detector.
4. View Meter and Pointer – The meter pointer swings to the right if metal is found.
5. Waterproof Search Coil – Lets you search for metal objects under shallow water in short time.
6. Adjustable Stem – Lets you adjust the detector’s length.

1. Power: 2 x 9V (6F22)
2. Frequency: 5.0 KHz
3. Current: Standby: 10mA
Max: 70mA
4. Voltage: 7.2-9.6V
5. Operating Temperature:
6. Sensitivity: US 25 Cent: 150mm
7. Indication Mode: Mechanical Indicator Mode
Sound Mode
8. Stretch Length: 30.7-42.1 inches
9. Detector Diameter: 6.5 inches
10. Color: Black
11. Net Weight: 0.85kg
12. Gross Weight: 1.25kgs
14. Package Size: 21(L) × 8.6(W) × 4.3(H) inches

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