TX850 FS2 Underground Metal Detector Search Pro Gold Finder Bug Detector 2 Coils Treasure Hunter Finder Pinpointer LCD Display

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Type: FS2 Gold detector

Operating Frequency: 19kHz
Cetificate: CE,ISO
Delivery time:7 days
Coil: 2x coils (11"coil and 5"coil)

or 11 inch only

Coil Feature: sensitive
Detection Material: Gold Nugget
Surveying depth
power supply: use a 9-volt alkaline battery
battery life:12+ hours on good quality alkaline

Treasure Hunter – Metal Detector for Standard/Precious Metals. This high performance metal detector with active display screen and advanced sensitivity calibration function is perfect for anything from gold/relic hunting to pre-game field safety screening.

Ground Gold detector Gold Nugget detector Whole sale
and retails Ground Metal Detector + Free Shipping

Since 1931, the detector has been the most trusted names. Whether you need to find buried utilities in a secure area or want to find long buried treasure, this technologies will soon find it. From analog to digital, single or multiple frequencies, its quality and innovation is your guarantee of success.
it incredibles sensitivity of the detector can detect the smallest gold nuggets in complex terrain.
It finds the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils

High Performance Gold / Relic Machine
1.Multi-purpose machine with excellent gold prospecting capabilities
2.Ground Balances all the way to salt
3.11" DD elliptical waterproof search coil for deep penetration
4.Finds the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils
5.Unmatched target separation in iron trash
6.A very simple user interface

1.V.C.O Audio in All Metal & Discrimination Mode
2.V-Break : Industry`s first Variable Breakpoint tone discrimination system
3.Computerized Ground Grab:
Real-Time computerized ground balancing
4.Continuous Ground Condition Readout
Ground Phase value indicates type of mineralization
5.Fe3O4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization
6.Dual Headphone Jacks
7.Static Pinpont with depth indicator
8.19kHz Operating Frequency
9.Ultra Simple User Interface

If you do not have prior experience with a metal detector, we strongly recommend that you :
1. Adjust the gain to a low setting in the event of false signals .Always begain use at a reduced Gain level ; increase gain only after you have become familiar with the detector.

2. Do not use the indoor. This detector is for outdoor use only. Many household appliances emit electromagnetic energy ,which can interfere with the detector. If conducting an indoor demonstration, turn the Gain down and keep the search coil away from appliances such as computers, televisions and microwave ovens. If your detector beeps erratically , turn off appliances and lights

Pay attention :the logo may in gold hunter or goldfinder ,if mind , do not buy !!!

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