45000LM Ultra Powerful Flashlight Strong Light USB-C Rechargeable LED Torch 10400mAh 18650 Battery Power Bank Search Rescue PK80

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45000LM Ultra Powerful Flashlight Strong Light USB-C Rechargeable LED Torch on the Battery 18650 Power Bank Search Rescue PK80

☀Product Advantages:

Built-in high-capacity battery, with 8 P70.2 lamp beads, brightness up to 45000 lumens, delicate and compact, easy to carry, torch, rechargeable treasure two in one, built-in overcharge and overdischarge chip, USB charging and charging function for mobile phones, charging and discharging with power indication, six adjustable.

Note: The product lumen number is very high, in order to protect the product, built-in overheating protection, daily use is generally recommended to open high-grade mode, super mode will automatically enter the temperature protection mode after a certain period of use ( PK80 model 20 seconds or so may change with the ambient temperature), otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the product(High-grade mode is recommended for daily use)

▶Irradiation distance :300-500 meters

▶Input and Output :5V / 2A

▶6 Switch modes:

One click: Weak / Middle / High

Double-click:Super high / Strobe / SOS

▶Power:built-in four 18650 batteries

▶Product material: Aluminum alloy

▶LED color temperature: 7500K

▶Charge: Type-C

▶Waterproof: IPX5

▶Surface technology: Abrasion resistant anodizing

▶Package includes:Flashlight, Type-C USB cable, Instruction manual, Gift box packaging

▶Charge and discharge protection: built-in Overcharge and overdischarge IC. Extending battery life

▶Feature:Build-in thermocontrol circuit, Medium Mode starts if overtemperature, and flashlight unlocked after 15mins.

▼PK80 product parameters▼

★PK80 can up to 45,000 lumens in brightest mode(When the electricity is at its peak), up to 5000 lumens in medium mode.

★It has built-in over-temperature protection and will automatically downshift after you have used the brightest mode for more than 20 seconds, this is for the safety of the product and the user.

♦Lumens:Super mode (45000LM), High mode (5000LM), Medium mode (2000LM), Low mode (500LM)

♦Light source: P70.2 LED*8

♦Battery capacity: 10400mAh(2600mAh*4)


♦Net weight: 632g

☀Turning night into day in an instant

✔Aluminium housing with multi-stage cooling

✔Anodised surface, comfortable to the touch, diamond-shaped anti-slip pattern, stylish and beautiful

☀Tough and durable aluminium casing

✔The whole torch is made of aviation and aluminium alloy, with high-density structural strength, not only anti-sweat and corrosion, but also drop and impact resistant. Texture and feel go hand in hand, giving you a better experience of use!

✔The surface is treated with three-stage hard oxidation, using military specification three-stage hard oxidation, with thick oxide film, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance!

☀Power bank function for emergency charging

✔Powerful 2A charge and discharge to quickly charge your phone. Not only can it be illuminated, but it can also be used as a power bank

✔Power bank design, can charge your mobile phone, outdoor travel / hiking / power outage, just need a flashlight , can bring you lighting and emergency power

☀The upgraded battery is more durable.

♦Indicator light in green: 30% – 100% charge

♦Indicator light in red: less than 30% charge

☀Temperature-controlled protection for peace of mind

✔The torch has a built-in intelligent temperature regulation system to ensure that the temperature of the torch does not exceed 50 degrees during use.

✔When the product gets too hot, it will automatically switch to medium brightness and unlock after 15 minutes.

☀6 switching modes to meet your different usage needs

✔Six-position adjustment for easy operation

✔Easy to use, one press to turn on, long press for 2 seconds to turn off

✔No need to cycle the switch, the product comes with its own gear memory function

✔One click on the button: low light → medium light → strong light

✔Double click on the button: super bright → flashing → SOS

✔holding down for 2 seconds to be off at any mode

☀Large and small USB design for fast charging and full compatibility

✔USB output port (5V 2A): for charging mobile phones, cameras and other electrical appliances

✔TYPE-C input connector (5V 2A): can directly charge a torch

☀TYPE-C Fast charging-safe andfast

✔Built-in Overcharge and overdischarge IC. Extending battery life

✔Charging input 5V / 2A

☀IPX5 level waterproof, rainproof. Splash-proof

♦Note: Do not immerse the torch in water

☀Indicator light

✔Charge and discharge protection: built-in overcharge and over-discharge IC to extend battery life

✔Power indication: LED light is green when the power is sufficient, red when the power is weak

✔Charging indication: red LED when charging, green when fully charged

▶Operating Instructions◀

For transport safety, the torch light control button is shipped in a locked position.

Lock key: long press the key for 2 seconds to enter the lock key state, at this time the red and green lights flash alternately, while the torch lights up 2 times, representing the success of the lock key.

Unlock key: After clicking the key 5 times in succession, the red and green lights will change from alternately flashing to green and the torch will enter a low light state at the same time, representing the successful unlocking of the torch.

Instructions for use.

☑Click the button on the torch to switch modes.

☑Click the button on the flashlight to switch modes, in order: weak / medium / high / off

☑Double click the button on the torch to switch modes, in this order: ultra bright / flashing / SOS / off

☑When the torch is overheated, the switch cannot be switched to super bright and the battery indicator will flash alternately red and green.


☑If the temperature is too high, please turn off the torch temporarily and wait for the temperature of the product to drop before using it again.

☑If the flashlight is not used for a long time, please recharge it once every 3 months.

☑Do not use the torch for direct eye contact or for flammable and explosive materials.

☑This product is IPX5 rated waterproof, do not immerse the torch in water

☑Place the torch properly to avoid accidents with children

Photos of the product in use

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