Telescopic flashlight with magnet, search magnet, reinforced telescopic magnet, telescopic pointer length up to 80 cm

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A telescopic magnet with a flashlight is a convenient and simple device for collecting various little things. Magnetic tools will be appreciated by everyone who has to work with small metal objects, from seamstresses to auto mechanics. How sometimes it is difficult to get a screw that fell on the protection of the crankcase when repairing a car. When it is impossible to reach it by hand, a retractable telescopic pointer with a magnet at the end will help. Magnet holds up to 2 kg. In addition, the magnet has a built-in LED flashlight, which will make it easier to search in low light conditions. The magnetic Holder extends from 20 to 80 centimeters.

Main features:

-Made of quality materials;

-Simplicity and ease of use;

-Built-in LED flashlight;

-Telescopic magnet with flashlight;

-A convenient and simple in design device for collecting various little things.

Main features:

-Assembled size: approx. 20 cm

-Disassembled size: approx. 80 cm

-Diameter: Approx. 18mm

-Material: stainless steel, rubber

-Lantern works from: 3 PCs. * LR44 / AG13 batteries (included)

-Features: LED backlight

-Net weight: 68 grams

The package includes
-1 PCs * Telescopic magnet with flashlight

-3 PCs * Batteries AG13

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