10pcs NdFeB Strong Powerful Magnet 100*5*3mm Rectangular Square Magnetic 50*5*3 30*5*3mm Strip Magnet Steel Thin Search Magnets

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>Product Information<

Product name: Industrial magnet

Material: neodymium/neodymium iron boron

Grade: N35

Electroplating: nickel+copper+nickel

Shape: long magnet

Tolerance: 0~1mm

Maximum operating temperature: 80 ° C/176 ° F

Dimensions in mm


1. All models of products have dimensional tolerance. Please understand carefully before purchasing.

2. Due to the influence of light, background, display pixels and other factors, the physical magnet is slightly different from the shop display picture. The display picture is only applicable to the product. Please understand

3. The magnet material is hard and brittle. It is made of sintered powder. During use, it shall be ensured that the magnet will not be seriously impacted. Please handle with care. If the magnet is used improperly, it is easy to cause damage and cracking of the magnet, which has nothing to do with the quality of the magnet.

4. The larger and thicker the magnet, the stronger the magnetic force. Please prevent fingers from being injured by magnets during use.

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