LCD Digital Display Formaldehyde HCHO TVOC Tester High precision Handheld Home Office Air quality detector


Product parameters:

Product name : Air quality detector

Display : LED digital

Concentration unit : mg/m³

Battery type : AA size battery * 2

Product size : 133*43*24mm

Detection principle : principle of semiconductor gas sensor

HCHO detection range :0.000~2.888mg/m³

TVOC detection range :0.000~9.999mg/m³


1. Formaldehyde detection principle: semiconductor gas sensor

2. TVOC detection principle: semiconductor gas sensor

3. Sound and light alarm: LED lights display red, yellow, and green respectively representing poor, normal, and excellent. When the air quality is poor, the buzzer will alarm.

4. Power reminder: The remaining power is displayed through 3 LED lights.

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