Xenon searchlight super bright long-range spotlight outdoor camping fishing portable lighting lamp 12V car marine search light



Imported xenon bulbs. Xenon lights are gas power generation, so the brightness very strong, effective range of 3000 meters.

Reflector cup design, 120MM reflector cup design , Best spot exposure effect.

United States imports ballast. Fast start ballast . The first second can be bright 50% . 80% brighter in the second second. Support headlight strobe.

Shell material used ABS engineering plastics Hard, drop-rexistant, wear-resistant, hard times than ordinary plastic several times.

Tail of the steel ring . The lamp has a steel ring . Can hang up the lamp. Nylon straps, can be connected to the steel ring. hanging on the shoulder,Reduce arm pressure.

Just external 12V DC power supply use. Can also plug the cigarette lighter plug into the cigarette lighter socket of the car to light the light.

Model: JY-213
Range: 2000-3000 meters
Built-in battery: no built-in battery
Power source: 12V Battery ,Car,Boat
Color temperature: 3000K 4300K 5000K 6500K 8000K 12000K
Lamp power: 35W, 55W, 65W, 75W,100W,160W,220W
Charging: Not rechargeable
Weight: 1KG

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