2/5/10/15/20PCS 30×4 mm Round Search Magnet 30mm X 4mm Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet Dics N35 Permanent Magnet Srtong 30*4 mm

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2/3/20 pcs 30*4mm Powerful Strong Magnetic Magnets 30mmx4mm Permanent Neodymium Magnets Round Magnet 30x4mm

Product Information:

Material Quality :  Neodymium / NdFeB

Model Number: Permanent  N35

Certification: RoHS passed

Application:  Industrial Magnet

Plating:  Nickel + Copper + Nickel Triple Layer Plated

Shape:  Disc

Tolerance:  0~2mm

Color:  Silver

Max OperatingTemperature:  80 Celsius degree / 176 Fahrenheit degree

Magnetic pole direction:Axially magnetized / Thickness direction



1 The pictures and product colors displayed in the store are for reference only. Please refer to the physical objects received;

2. Different batches of magnets have different tolerances. Please read the details carefully before purchasing;

3. The magnet material is hard and brittle. It is made of sintered powder. During use, ensure that the magnet will not be seriously impacted. Please handle with care. If used improperly, it is easy to cause damage and rupture of the magnet, rather than the quality of the magnet;

4. It is normal to have small defect marks on the surface of the magnet, which will not affect the normal use of the magnet;

5.N35 is a grade of NdFeB magnet, N refers to NdFeB material; N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N50 , etc. The higher the brand, the stronger the magnetic force, the more expensive it is! Currently commonly used is the N35 model, 35 represents the maximum magnetic energy product. The maximum magnetic energy of N35 ndfeb material is about 35MGOe, the conversion between MGOe and kJ/m3 is 1MGOe = 8kA/m3, and the maximum magnetic energy of N35 ndfeb material is 270kJ/m3.


Application Area:

1. Acoustic field: the speaker, receiver, microphone, alarm, stage audio, car audio and so on.

2. Electronics: permanent magnetic actuator vacuum circuit breakers, magnetic relays, meter, sound meter, a reed switch, sensors.

3. Electrical field: VCM, CD / DVD-ROM, generators, motors, servo motors, micro-motors,motors, vibration motors.

4. Machinery and equipment: magnetic separation, magnetic machinery.

5. Healthcare: medical equipment, magnetic health products and so on.

6. Wedding corsage badges, etc., can be replaced with a magnet attracts

every other clothes pins, so as not to damage the dress.

7. For the overlying metal drawing board for fixing the drawing paper. Magnetic blackboard whiteboard fixed file drawings.

8. Advertising magnets available to replace the original fixtures, at any time

convenient to replace the ad content.

9. Models piling, you can use small magnets to connect two widgets.

10. Studio, bulk magnet can be used to adsorb screws and other parts, even wrenches and other tools.


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