Neodymium Magnet N52 50×30 mm Strong round Magnet NdFeB Rare Earth D40-60mm Powerful Permanent Search BIg Magetic

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Product Description

This magnet has three layers of electroplating, copper and nickel reduce corrosion, increase magnetism, smooth surface, can be used for hanging objects, searching, etc.

Product Display

Made from strong neodymium-iron-boron alloy.This magnet can provide stong suction.

Compare With Others

Adding a steel cup, which can not only protect the magnet from being damaged, but also concentrate the magnetic force on one side, sp the magnet is stronger.

Product Detail

A steel cup is added, which can not only protect the magnet from being damaged, but also concentrate the magnetic force on one side, so the magnet is STRONGER.

Size Of Magnet With Shell

The diameter includes the iron shell, not the diameter of the magnet.

Using Occasion

This magnet can be used in many ways, such as:salvaging, hanging, office, classroom.

Warehouse In Russia


1.It is not recommended to stop water meters or electricity meters, which will cause damage to your country or violate regulations.
2.If the highest possible pull force is required, then neodymium cup magnets are the answer to your magnet needs.
3.Please keep it away from kids. The large neodymium magnets are extremely strong,and must be handled with care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets.
4.Never place neodymium magnets near electronics.
5.Neodymium magnets are brittle, and can peel, crack or shatter if allowed to slam together.
6.Neodymium magnets will lose their magnetic properties if heated above 80°C/176°F.

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We are a professional online seller dedicated to magnetic materials for more than ten years, mainly produce the manufacturing of the mid and high-end NdFeB permanent magnets and the Research&Development of the NdFeB magnetic material.

We keep more than one million pieces magnets in different sizes in stock. Most orders could be arranged in 24-48 hours.We have a warehouse in Russia, so you can enjoy 3-20 days delivery(it might take longer in winter and remote area.)
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