FS2 Metal Detector High Sensitivity Treasure Finder Precise Locator Waterproof Search 11” Coil and 5” Coil Gold Metal Detector

Price: 187.00

Wide range of applications: This metal detector can be used for treasure hunting in backyards, coastlines, distant mountains or fields, allowing you to enjoy treasure hunting.
Equipped with 11" waterproof scouting coil and 5" scouting coil, it can effectively cover the maximum amount of ground and achieve the deepest ground penetration.
Intelligent identification of gold, silver, copper and iron, different metals show different values and different sounds.
Discriminant Mode: When the detector emits different tones for different kinds of metals, when the detector "excludes" some metals, we call it "discrimination" of the detector for different kinds of metals. Discrimination is an essential feature of professional metal detectors. Discrimination allows users to ignore garbage and other undesired objects.
Pinpoint Mode: Pinpoint is the process of finding the exact location of a buried object. Long-buried metals appear identical to the surrounding soil to the naked eye, making them difficult to separate from the soil.
Ground balance is the detector's ability to ignore or "see through" naturally occurring minerals on Earth, only making noise when it detects a metallic object. The FS2 incorporates proprietary circuitry and programming to eliminate false signals from harsh ground conditions.
All-metal mode: The all-metal mode is more sensitive than the discriminant mode, and is used to find various metal objects on the ground. The search coil needs to be in motion to detect objects.

Material: ABS
Backlight: yes
Battery: 1 * 9V battery (not included)
Height adjustment range: 500mm~1200mm / 20.0~47.2in
Ground balance: 0~99.9 (full metal mode)
Gain: 1~100 adjustable (full metal mode)

Packing list:
1 * host
2 *Search Coils 11" and 5"
1 * Armrest
3 * connecting rod

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