Gold Hunter T90 Gold Metal Detector PinPointer Waterproof Underground Metal Detector Gold Detector with 11 inch search coil

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Gold Hunter T90 metal detector pinpointer waterproof gold metal detector underground metal detector gold detector

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An Underground Metal Detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. Underground metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground. They often consist of a sensor probe which can be swept over the ground. Usually the device gives some indication of distance; the closer the metal is, the higher the readings go.

The use of this detector can detect is not buried deep mineral deposits, including native gold, gold, gold, and
other various rich sedimentary sand. Detection of natural gold nuggets want to look for the metal coins,
with balance; most gold under a higher degree of mineralization in the rocks, so it must be carefully
adjusted to balance. In the ore, gold with extremely broken forms and blends in with the sands, sediment
and heavy metal ore often has a large number of signals and black metal, caused by the mixture of the
same, but the reaction than the pure metal is relatively weak, and generally sound area relatively wide.

Gold Hunter T90 ships complete with the Wireless Backphone Heaphones + 13" Double-D Coil with lightweight S-Telescopic Pole.

Detection in the video:
Test in the air: 25mmcoin — detection at 33-35cm. Red Bull — detected at 65-70cm.
Test in the field:  5g golden bracelet-detection at 33CM, iron sheet-shield, 25mm coin-detection at 27cm.
There is a gap between the detection in the air and the field detection. The larger the object, the longer the detection distance will be.
The entire machine is waterproof, including the main case and the coil.

1. Numeric/sound/cursor distinguishes metal: different metals display different values, different sounds, and different cursors, thus reducing unnecessary digging.
2. Intelligent backlight: It can turn on/off the backlight at any time according to its own environment. At night, the dark environment can be applied at the same time.
3. Automatic balance function: The instrument has automatic balance, and the complex environment is not screaming.
4. Precise positioning: Just press the positioning button easily, you don't need to press the same long as other metal detectors.
5. Waterproof probe: All the LCD screens are waterproof and can be used under 1.3 meters deep.
6. Strong upgrade to high pressure, stable anti-interference.
FAST:With its Extremely fast recovery speed you'll find Good targets next to trash.
POWERFUL: Has two precise modes: automatic mode and sizing mode.
Lightweight S-Telescopic system
Model: Gold Hunter T90
Waterproof: Whole body waterproof
Working temperature: -10~+65 °C
Display mode: sound + display mode
LCD Display Size: 59*53MM
Light source: Backlight
Detection Mode: Coin and treasure mode,Prospecting mode.
T90 Whole Set Net weight: 1.25kg (not including battery, wireless headphone)
Преимущества детектора T90 Frogman:
  1. Рабочая частота 18.75 кГц (Прибор с самой высокой частотой в данном сегменте);

  2. Подводный блок управления с глубиной погружения до 1 метра;

  3. Поисковая DD катушка;

  4. VDI панель;

  5. Схема работы VLF;

  6. Подсветка экрана;

  7. Автоматический баланс грунта;

  8. Режим точного определения (Pinpoint);

  9. Регулируемый режим громкости;

  10. Отстройка от помех;

  11. Четыре установленных режима для поиска;

  12. Эргономичная штанга (аналог Deus)

Что у Вас будет в комплекте:

Блок управления Gold Hunter T90 Frogman  – 1 шт.
Катушка  13" с пластиковой защитой — 1 шт. 
Телескопическая штанга  (верхняя, средняя, нижняя, подлокотник) — 1 шт. 
Беспроводные наушники — 1 шт. 
Болт гайка втулка прокладка -1х1х1х2 шт.
Ремешок в подлокотник – 1 шт.
Комплект документов (гарантийный талон, товарные чеки). 
Фирменная коробка- 1 шт. 


Model number


Brand name





  Control unit + telescopic shaft + search coil

Detectable Indication

  Audio/lED light

Max Detection Depth

  (50*50*2.1cm Aluminium board)

Operating Mode

  Ground Balance/Discrimination

Signal Frequency


Object Detectable

  Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Distinguish

Battery Indication


Standard Search Coil

  13 inch double-d search coil

Optional Search Coil

  11 inch search coil

Wireless Headphones


Operation Tempearture

  0°C ~ 50°C

Storage Tempearture

  -20°C ~ 60°C

Power supply

  4AA battery, not including

Product Net Weight/Size


Color box package

Please note:
The T90 metal detector use 4 AA battery, battery not included.
T90 has two search coils 13 inch and 11 inch.
You can choose 13 inch or 11 inch coil as your need.
One package only come with one coil.
Package information:
Package size: 63*35*13CM
Package weight: 2.8KG
Exclusive color box + Hard Box
T90 with 13 inch search coil Package Included:
1 x Metal detector  (not inclued charger and battery)
1 x Wireless Headphone
1 x 13'' Doule-D Waterproof Coil
1 x User Manual
T90 with 11inch search coil Packing List:
1 x Metal detector  (not inclued charger and battery)
1 x Wireless Headphone
1 x 11'' Waterproof Coil
1 x User Manual

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