Electrical Parts Factory Of DC220V Brass Material Water Flow Switch For Instrumentation System SEN-CL21W

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Factory Price Of DC220V Brass Material Water Flow Switch For Water Pump Heater Boiler
Product Description
Product Name
Magnetic type water flow switch
B material
Connection Size
G 1/2", DN15
Flow Range
1.2-12 L/Min
Contact Capacity
70W / 220V
Flow switch is the presence or absence of flow through the output switch control signal to the water sensor switch, the main switch signal. Divided into specific types normally open and normally closed type, in the main water control work flow monitoring role to play. Water flow switch and relay use with the usual components of the water control system, easy to use, no power is the flow switch on.
Vertical installation, float up and down by the activities drive the permanent magnets with dry reed pipe the output signal switch
It is used in the control of water circulation, water charging and discharging, water heating, water pump switch on and off of solenoid valve, or powering on and off of water discharging for electric water heater, solar energy water heater, air condition and other water systems.
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