POM Food Grade Water Flow Rate 0.15-1.5L/Min Saier Factory Hot Sale 6mm Sensor Switch for RO System SEN-HZ06W


Product Description
Product Name
Miniature plastic flowmeter, turbine flow sensor
POM plastic food grade material
Connection Size
G 5/16
Flow Range
0.15-1.5 L/Min, 0.25-2.5 L/Min, 0.3-3.0 L/Min, 0.3-4.5 L/Min
Contact Capacity
DC 5-24V, can be customized DC 3V
Measure water flow, It is installed in various coffee machines, water dispensers, and water inlets of electrolyzers to detect the influent flow.
The product is light and flexible in appearance, small in size, plug and play, easy to install. The impeller is equipped with a stainless steel shaft, which is more powerful and prolongs the service life. The sealing ring adopts the upper and lower force structure and never leaks. The Hall element is imported and isolated from water to prevent water ingress and never age. All raw materials are in compliance with ROHS testing standards.
  • Product Performance Description

The water flow sensor is mainly composed of a plastic valve body, a water flow rotor assembly and a Hall sensor.

It is installed in various coffee machines, water dispensers, and water inlets of electrolyzers to detect the influent flow. When the water passes through the water flow rotor assembly, the magnetic rotor rotates and the rotational speed changes with the flow rate. The Hall sensor outputs the corresponding pulse. The signal is fed back to the controller, and the controller determines the magnitude of the water flow and performs regulation.

Details Images
Plastic body flow water transmiter , flow sensor water
Environmental design, sensitive and practical.
Equipped with professional connector, easy to install.
Multiple connector selection, installation convenience.

Payment &Transportation
Foshan Shunde Saier Sensor Co., Ltd., it is a professional high-tech manufacturer for magnetic sensor development and production, located in Ronggui town, Shunde district, manufacturing industrial center in Guangdong. Close to 105 highway road and Guangzhou Zhuhai west, less than 30 minutes by car from Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Foshan, with a strong advantages of home appliance industry and scale matching.
Our main products: water flow sensor, water flow switch, float level switch, proximity switch, water solenoid valve etc. Used for drinking water machine, water purifier, coffee machine, water-sale machine, beer machine, water heater(gas electric heating、wall hung gas boiler、air energy、 solar energy etc.) circulating water system, water control machine(intelligent water meter, remote metering)、pedesta lpan, humidifier, air conditioning fan, compact water boiler, steam hot pot, door access control, F-secure mobile security, mechanical equipment, instruments and meters etc.
1:How long will you give me the reply?
we will contact you in 2 hours as soon as we can.

2:Could I get samples?
Yes,we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.

3:How about the quality of the magnets?
We have a complete quality control system , all of our products will be fully pre-inspection by QC departments before shipping to you . We have the certification of ISO,CE and ROSH,we could send the certification test of our company to you.

4:How is the price?
As we believe the quality is the most important,we will provide the best quality pressure sensor we can with reasonable price.

5:Could you provide me the shortest lead time?
We have materials in our stock,if you really need,you can tell us and we will try our best to satisfy you.

6:Could I visit your factory?
Of course,if you need we will help you to visit our factory.

7:If I have paid,when will you help me to produce?
When we have received the money in our account,we will give you the receipt and arrange to produce immediately.

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