detecteur or profond professionnel Metal Detector Pulse Induction Underwater 30M 12 Inch Search Coil IP68 Waterproof

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This fully waterproof metal detector can be used underwater 30M for it is made of waterproof material, you can use it for underwater metal, treasures and others search, enjoy the fun of metal detecting, come on and enjoy it, it will not let you down.

The matal detector operates on
the pulse induction principle, unlike an induction balance detector, it does not require any ground balance adjustments.

With quick self-adjusting threshold function, once the threshold tone has been adjusted, the S.A.T. system will maintain it.


The matal detector is designed to respond to all metal types. no rubbish metal rejection function.

The pulse timing control can be adjusted to reduce the effects of mineralized ground that can cause false target signals.


The control is very useful in minimizing ground noise on beaches containing large amounts of black sand or regions with sand. If the ground does not cause false signals the control should be set at minimum for optimum performance.

Equipped with a earphone for you to use together, using the earphone in a noisy environment can get better results.

Wide applications: It can be used under water, salt water, fresh-water, land and so on, you can share it with your friends or families.

Material: ABS
Power supplys: 8 * AA battery (NOT included)
Search coil: 12inch waterproof search coil
Waterproof grade: IP68
Search mode: pulse induction
Package size: 570 * 310 * 140mm / 22.4 * 12.2 * 5.5in
Package weight: 3550g / 7.8lb

Packing list:
1 * Metal Detector Set
1 * Earphone
1 * Sand Spoon
1 * Bag

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