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PQWT-TC150 Underground Water Detector 150m Deep Multifunctional Electrical Underground Water Detection

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Product advantages

1. Directly automatic forming map in the instrument as soon as complete the measurement! No need transfer measurement data from underground water detector to computer.
2. Alloy electrode rod and imported cable.
3. This underground water detector has 7 technology and appearance design patents
4. Instrument language support Chinese, English/French/Spanish/Arabic/Russian/Polish/Turkish/Portuguese/Thai.
5. We are the leader of geological exploration underground water , mine, cavity and metal detector
6. Our institute has ISO2008:9001, SGS certificate and BV certificate!

PQWT-TC150 underground water detector Series Automatic Mapping Water Detector can easily find groundwater resources by scientific methods, it is based on the field source of earth's electromagnetic field and differences in conductivity of different underground geological structures, to study the variation law of electric field components at different frequencies to study the geological structure and changes. Changes in geological structure are displayed in real-time through multiple curves. Automatic mapping geological profile by one key operate easily, get rid of complicated computer graphics. Geological structure and specific information such as aquifers, fractures, faults, and caves can be easily analyzed through automatic mapping curve and profile on site . The device can be widely used in different terrains such as plains, hills, mountains, plateaus, and basins for rapid analysis of geological structure changes and determines the well locations, aquifers, and aquifer depth.

PQWT-TC150 natural electric field a key to mapping geophysical prospecting underground water detector is our latest research and development of products, using a number of patented technologies. The instrument weight is very light to carry easily , the measuring line need only 10 meters, one person will be able to complete the operation, saving manpower, full touch screen, simple operation, external high-capacity memory card, with the function of real-time mapping with only one button, finding high resistance (fault zone), low resistance (such as water, mining census) through real-time mapping directly display geological abnormal on the measuring site. After data collection by the unique built-in computing functions, the instrument can automatically draw curve graph and profile map with only one button, according to the profile map, you can clearly understand the geological structure and quickly determine the location of ore body (seam), hollow (cave), water (aquifer) etc.

100M SGS and BV certified automatic mapping underground water detector manufacturer

Customer praise

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1. Directly mapping in the instrument with one key after measurement! No need transfer measurement data from underground water detector to computer. long range detector

2. High accuracy, strong ability of anti-interference, wide frequency range.

3. Full touch screen , simple operation, external high-capacity memory card, easy to carry.

4. Data is not lost after shutdown, it can store 999 measured curves.

5. ISO9001:2015, SGS certificate and BV certificate.

Why Choose US

1.We are the only Geologic Exploration Equipment Institute in China with PQWT Patent of The high quality.
2.Government and CCTV-7 Recommend underground water detector
3. We are the top 10 selling underground water detector
4. Own R&D department with SGS and ISO9001:2015

Our advantages

Over the years, Puqi focuses on Hydrogeological exploration, Intelligent data-capture technology and Application of special technique, carrying out Scientific research, Technical services and Marketing application. We have completed more than 65 items including National ministries, Sino-foreign cooperation and major scientific research projects. Having the honour to win a number of national research awards, with more than 117 national patents

1. High Measurement Speed and high efficiency

Complete more than 8000 meters profile measurement in one day to realize geological abnormality in different depth, the prospecting speed and efficiency is improved about 10 times more than traditional resistivity method.

2.Convenient to Carry

Without heavy power supply, it uses low frequency signals in earth natural electric field as signal
source, and the complete set weight is less than 2kgs so easy to carry.

3.Simple operation

Equipment is automatically controlled by micro PC. You can learn its operation in 10 minutes. It will take 10 minutes for persons without prospecting experience to finish training.

4.Good performance and high Accuracy.

The resolution of measurement is up to 0.001mV, and precision is 2%. It gains high stability and a
bnormity curves matching with that of traditional geo-electrical equipment in lots of field survey.

5.Strong Anti-interference Ability

It has advanced anti-jamming technology and multiple anti-jamming designs. You can observe abnormity curves result with good repetition even in weak signal area, city, high electric jamming area and working area with other exterior interference via frequency selector and digital processing.

6.The unique feature of Automatic mapping

This instrument can automatically form curve graph and profile map with one button after completed recording data, no need transfer the data to computer for drawing mapping

After-sales service

1. Two year guarantee-if using of the product is influenced due to quality problem, you may receive guarantee of the product at the service network within 2 years after the date of purchase.

2. Lifetime maintenance-lifetime maintenance service is implemented on all factory series products. We offer maintenance of machine which surpasses the maintenance period or has manual damage with material and labor charges.

Technical surpport

If need any technical support, pls feel free to contact our sales engineer, will reply you in 24 hours.We will always behind you! water detector

Case share

Turkey–Underground Water Detector

Well position was located with point 15 and 75m deep. After well completion, there is 21 m3 water per hour.

Why choose us

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