Fully Waterproof Pinpointing Gold Metal Detector with LCD Indicate 360 Degree Searching Pinpointer IP68 Underwawter Tools

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Note:we has made waterproof update.now it is better use.
About HS-07 Pinpointer:
*Fully Waterproof – Submersible to 115 feet underwater, with fluorescent green color or orange to add visibility underwater.Perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

*Easy to Install and Use – Turn on by simply installing the battery and then start to hunt treasure.

*Signal Level Function – When a target is located, the pinpointer indicates with signal level, helps you find or seemetals easier.

*High Sensitivity – The metal detector has maximum sensitivity for improved detection of nuggets and other small targets. Very sensitive,quickly,effeciency.The unique sealed design allows detecting in any environment including grass, mud, dirt, sand, black sand, or even in water (Whether in fresh or salt water).

*Multi Applications– Search for Metals,Keys, Coins,Jewelry,Relics,Needle and more, on Beach ,Mountain,Diving searching, Archaeology, Public security check, Police detecting, Pinpointing decoration line, Waste Iron Recovery…

HS serial handheld metal detector is serial waterproof pinpointer.you have more select here.one of them is fit for you.

IP68 Waterproof depth:

HS-07   35 meters(it is fit for undersea)

HS-08   5 meters

HS-10   3 meters

GP-Pointer   0 meter(don't waterproof.only detection head waterproof.it belongs to partial waterproof)

HS-07 is detection coil style handheld metal detector with LCD display.

It can be used underwater within 35 meters.not only can be used ground.but also can be used underwater.like river and sea,and so on.

it has three detection modes.

1.Audio(it is fit for ground detection.saving battery).

2.Vibrate(it is fit for detection underwater)

3.Audio and vibrate

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