Wurkkos TS25 Powerful EDC 4000lm Flashlight Quad TIR Optic with 8 Multi Color Aux LEDs 21700 Torch Anduril 2.0 USB-C Power Bank

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Wurkkos TS25

The TS25 is a powerful EDC flashlight. It uses 4 pieces main LEDs and 8 peices multi color Aux LEDs ,with Anduril 2.0 UI and powered by one 21700 battery. It will be your reliable partner for every day use and with fun.


☀Emitter: 4 pieces 90 CRI LEDs and 8 pieces aux LEDs
TIR Optics with protected glass
☀Beam Angle: spot 25 degree, flood 124 degree
☀Battery options: 1x 21700 Li-Ion battery
☀Operating voltage: 2.8V – 4.2V
☀Dimension: 109.7mm (length) × 32mm (head diameter)
☀Weight: 77 ± 1 grams (without battery)
☀flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy
☀Automatic Stepdown: Turbo mode steps down to High mode automatically to prevent overheating.
☀Electronic reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation
☀Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology
(The product uses copyrighted code released under the GNU Public License v3 (GPLv3).
☀To know about the exact source code used in the product, please go to (https://tiny.cc/TKAnduril)

Operation Instructions

Quick Start
After putting a battery in the light and tightening the parts together, the light should quickly blink once to confirm it has power and is now operational. After that, basic usage is simple:
Click to turn the light on or another click to turn it off.
– Hold the button to change brightness.
– Release and hold again to change brightness the other way.
-When Off, 7 quick clicks to change the Aux LEDs mode, cycle from-Rainbow(changes colors in order)–>Voltage color display(changes color based on voltage)–>red color–>green color–>blue color–>off–>Rainbow
-Charge&Reverse Charging: Max input/output 5V3A with USB C Rechargeable port.
When charging: power indicator flash blue and turns to blue after full.
Reverse Charging: Power indicator turns blue , while the indicator flash blue, means low battery.
Power indicator on side switch shows 5 seconds after turn on, power enough(green color), low power(red color),Very low (flashing red)
That is all the user needs to know for basic use, but there are many more modes and features available for people who want more.

Before reading the rest of this manual, it is recommended that users look at the Anduril UI diagram(s), which should be provided along with the flashlight.
Button presses
Button presses are abbreviated using a simple notation:
– 1C: One click. Press and then quickly release the button.
– 1H: Hold. Press the button, but keep holding it.
– 2C: Two clicks. Press and release quickly, twice.
– 2H: Click, hold. Click two times, but hold the second press.
– 3C: Three clicks. Press and release quickly, three times.
– 3H: Click, click, hold. Click three times, but hold the final press.
The same pattern is used with higher numbers too. For example, 10C means ten clicks… and 10H means ten clicks but hold the final press.
Simple UI Diagram Not everything is covered in the diagram, please read the text.

Simple UI

Simple UI Diagram Not everything is covered in the diagram, please read the text.
Simple UI
By default, the light uses a simple UI. This is useful if you lend the light to someone else, or if you just don't want to bother with any crazy disco modes.
Simple UI has all the basic functions needed to work as a flashlight, but the minimum and
maximum brightness are limited to make it safer, and any complex or advanced functions are blocked.

Functions available in Simple UI include:
– 1C: On / off
– 1H: Ramp up (or down, if button was released less than a second ago)
– 2H: If light is on : ramp down
If light is off: momentary high mode
– 2C: Double click to go to / from highest safe level
– 4C: Lockout mode.

Some other modes and functions are available too. When the light is off, these are the options:
– 3C: Battery check mode. (displays voltage once, then turns off)
– 4C: Lockout mode.
– 10H: Switch to Advanced UI.
– 15C or more: Version check.
-7H:Aux LED mode adjust

In Lockout mode with Simple UI, there are a few functions:
– 1H: Momentary moon
– 2H: Momentary low
– 4C: Unlock and turn on
– 4H: Unlock and turn on at low level
– 5C: Unlock and turn on at high level

To change between Simple UI and Advanced UI, turn the light off and then do one of these:
In Simple UI:
– 10H: Go to Advanced UI.
In Advanced UI:
– 10C: Go to Simple UI.
– 10H: Configure Simple UI.

If you get lost, or if you want to auto-calibrate the temperature sensor, do a Factory Reset. The process for this is:
– Loosen body tube
– Hold button
– Tighten body tube
– Keep holding button for about 4s

The light should flicker while getting brighter, then briefly burst to full power. Hold until it reaches full power to do a reset, or let go of the button early to abort.

Advanced UI

Advanced UI has all the advanced functions which are fun to play with but also hard to learn. Please refer the UI diagram below. Please ask us for pdf file so you can ready easily. We can also send video link to show how to play with Anduril2

Safety Instructions

☀Operating the flashlight for a long time in Turbo or High mode will warm it up. This is normal.
☀When installing the battery, make sure the anode (+) side always faces towards the head/LEDs.
☀Unscrew the tailcap half a turn to avoid unwanted activation during transport. It also prevents the battery from draining while the flashlight is in standby.
☀Avoid hitting or dropping the flashlight.


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