Double Sided Fishing Magnet 80-500kg Pack with Carabiner Non-Slip Nylon Gloves Rope Salvage Search Strong Neodymium Magnet

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Double Sided Fishing Magnet Bundle Pack with Carabiner, Non-Slip Nylon Gloves

According to the test results of the crane scale, the search magnet shows a grip of 80-500 kilograms!


Double sided search magnet, 2 threaded ring bolts M10, convenient for rope fixation, 20 meter rope bolt, gloves, mountain buckle

The ring on the bidirectional search magnet allows for more precise selection of position and manipulation of equipment. With it, you can search for metal objects of different sizes in turbid water:

It should be noted that the smaller the thickness of the steel, the smaller the tearing force.


Here at Muscular Magnetics, we thrive on positive customer experience so much that we offer 24/7 tech support. While magnet fishing, it is not uncommon for a magnet to get stuck. Our expert magnet fishing team is available to help walk our customers through any situation they encounter. We are a company that caters to you, our amazing customers at any time! Our support contact is included in every order we ship out for a fast response!
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: WARNING!! Many other magnet brands will exaggerate the pull force of the magnet. It's very important to know that you are getting an accurate pull force rating from a brand that has done in-house testing such as Muscular Magnetics. Cheap does not always mean better when purchasing fishing magnets!

1. Magnetic pull force was tested using a computer tensile tester. Actual traction force will vary mainly depending on the following variables:
A: steel thickness: the thinner the steel, the lower the pulling force.Vertical magnetic pulling force was obtained on the basis of 30mm thickness of the steel plate.
B: direction of extrusion: the greater the direction of extrusion is at 90deg, the lower the extrusion force, usually the extrusion force in the horizontal direction is only about one third of that in the vertical direction.
C: attracting position: the farther from the center of gravity, the lower the pulling force.

2. Magnet only attracts iron, ferrous metal and nickel, does not attract gold, silver, copper, aluminium and their alloy and stainless steel.
3. The magnetic force concentrates on the bottom of the fishing magnet, there is almost no magnetic force on other surfaces.

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