LED Module Ligh 50 Pcs WS2811 IC RGB Pixel t DC5V Full Color Great for decoration advertising lights Waterproof IP67

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Product Features:

1.Great for decoration, advertising lights.

2.This product can be used to make advertisement board outdoor to make any letters you want.

3.It has WS2811 chip inside so you need to use a programable controller to control it.

1.IP Grade: IP68 Waterproof

2.Required Voltage: DC5V ,0.3W/led

3.Required Aperture Diameter : 12mm

4.Emitting Color: Changeable

5.12MM Diameter , 8CM between Each Pixel;

6.Able to individually change their colour,can all be different colours;
7. Waterproof IP68,can be used outdoor for holiday lighting decoration.


1.Channel Letters

2.Advertisement Signs

3.Commercial Sign

4.Message Display

5.Product Effect Display

Package content:

50pcs ws2811 full color pixel module

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