SecurityIng 940nm IR Flashlight Zoomable Infrared LED Light Torch Night Vision Hunting Flashlight Adjustable Focal Length

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  • – Can be used on smaller scopes/torches with spacer.
    – New Mount For Flashlight Torch Telescope Sight Laser Scope Outdoor Hunting.
    – To use this type of infrared illuminator, you must pass night vision equipment, such as night vision single glasses, infrared cameras, DIY night vision devices and infrared devices.
    – It emits invisible but high power 940nm IR light, you will not see any light with your bare eyes.
    – Pigs, foxes, birds, rabbits, etc. are not sensitive to Infrared light, so you can spot it and target it without being alarmed.
    – Easy fit rifle scope mount. No tools to quickly fit to rifle.
    – Adjustable focal length, specially designed for hunting.

  • Note:
    – Conventional rain proof, Don’t soak in water.
    – It not for general lighting purpose, you will have to see through the night vision devices, such as: night vision monocular and goggles.
    – Infrared light cannot be seen with bare eyes, can detected by night vision scopes or non IR filter cameras.
    – Bare eyes will not see any IR light of the flashlight, only small and faint red glow on the LED to show the torch is on.

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