Adapter LED Light Lamp Flashlights Torch Lantern USB Mobile Phone Charger For Worx Orange Narrow 4 pin Socket 20V Li-ion Battery

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Li-ion battery USB adapter + working lamp

1. USB adapter:

USB output 5V 2A,with the adapter and (for worx) green wide 5 pin socket li-ion batteryyou can charge your mobile phone and other USB device.

input: 14Vdc – 21Vdc, 2A Max.

output: 2 X USB 5Vdc 2A

2. Car working lamp

lamp size 3 / 4 / 5 / 8 inches

brightness: 2800 / 5400 / 7200 / 11800 lm

led power dissapension: 12 / 18 / 27 / 35 w

led type: chip/white

it can be used (for worx) 20v li-ion battery:green wide 5 pin socket

3. Please note: this charger is not suitable for batteries marked with “X” in the figure below

4. package includes:
1 X adapter ( no battery )
5. This product does not contain any battery. If the buyer does not have this battery, the buyer needs to buy it himself, it doesn’t work without batteries !

Please read the following carefully!

1. This product is only a lamp. No includes the battery in the picture.

2.This product does not include battery. The battery in the product description are only used to show the products

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