Magene H603 Heart Rate Monitor Split Chest Strap HRM Fitness Tracker Mover Bluetooth ANT Sensor Health App Compatible Zwift

Price: 53.45

High Performance of Real-time Heart Rate Tracking

Applying advanced ECG processing circuit, H603 directly extract heart rate data from ECG waveform, with the self-research algorithm, eliminate noise interference caused by movement and sweating, output the most accurate heart rate data.

Compatible Ant+ & Bluetooth

2 data copies for 1 workout, recording via ANT+ device and Bluetooth App at the same time, with stable transmission.*Note: The red light indicates that the monitor is ready to use

Split Chest Strap Design

Different from the traditional chest strap design, H603 adopts split chest strap design to bring you a better product experience.

Battery Life

1 hour per day, 4 times per week,2.5 years working time.

The battery life data are based on laboratory test. The actual situation may be slightly different due to the use environment and other factors.

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