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This anti-loss device is a low-power product based on Bluetooth 5.0. Bundle items (such as keys, handbags and other items) that users are easy to lose through the mobile APP software to prevent the loss of items; You can even hang this anti-loss device on children to ensure that children are in your sight; Or hang on your pets, so you don't have to worry about them getting lost.


1. Switch on and off the machine

Power-on: After long pressing for about 3 seconds, "tick tick tick" sounds three times, and the indicator light flashes rapidly for 10 seconds. When there is no connection and no button operation, will continue to flash every 2 seconds for 30 seconds and then shut down.

Shutdown: After long pressing for about 3 seconds, the indicator light goes out with a long prompt sound of "drip".

2. Add equipment

A. turn on the bluetooth of the mobile phone, enter the APP skip boot interface, directly enter the "add device" interface, and click the "add new device" icon in the interface. After searching for a new device, click Auto Connect, as shown in the . (at this time, you can also edit the device name as needed)

B. After connection, click the alarm icon, as shown in the , you can hear the alarm sound of "dropping" of the anti-loss device, and you can find the anti-loss device. The "Drip" sound can be called continuously. If you click the alarm icon again, the sound will stop.

C, enter the setting interface, can alarm bell, alarm distance selection and other operations, as shown in figure;

D. Click "System Settings" to view the recording file and set the double-click option, as shown in the figure.

3. Take pictures

Using the camera function, click the anti-loss device to realize the photographing function.

4. Positioning

The positioning function can only keep the disconnected position when the anti-lost device is disconnected from the mobile phone, and the positioning record can be found in the "lost record". To use this function, you need to turn on GPS, and keep your phone connected to the network.

(The above operation is Android in Redmi 5 plus, Android version, and Apple in iPhone 6S plus, IOS version 11.3.1. If the system is different, the actual use of mobile phone shall prevail, or there is another update without notice. )


Due to differences between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee that the style is the same as shown in the picture.

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