TX-850 Professional Metal Detector Underground Depth 2.5m Search Finder Gold Detector Treasure Hunter Pinpointer LCD Screen

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Produce Information :
TX-850 designed with high sensitivity to find the smallest gold nuggets ,relic-hunting and coil-shooting ,search for the uncovered
treasure which can be used in backyard ,shoreline ,mountains or field afar  ,the detector can let you experience the excitement of searching the treasure .
Product Feature :
1. Elimination – Reference to a metal being eliminated means that the detector will not emit a tone ,nor light up an indicator
2. Discrimination  – Allow thw user to ignore trash and other undesireble objects
3. Relic ,Iron ,Ferrous (Bronze ,old cans ,pipes ,bolts ,nails )
4. Pinpointing- Finding the exact location of a buried object
5. V.C.O – Voltage Control Osillator (The audio pitch & volume to rise as signal strength increase)
6. Automatically Ground Balance
TX-850 Specification
Color    Black
Stretch Length    42 – 52 inches
Battery    One 9 volt battery
Working voltage    9 volt
Basic Sensitivity     U.S.coin (12-15 inches)
Detect depth    Max  1.5 meters (50 x 50 x 1.2 cm Aluminium Board)
Search coil       11 Inch DD ,Waterproof , interchangeable
Frequncy      19 KHZ,crystal control
Indication Modes      LCD & Sound Indicator
Feature   Earphone Jack ,Volume & Sensitivity Adjustment
Ground Balance Range From ferrite to salt water inclusive
Battery Life       Up to 15 hours
Operating Temperature     Negative 10 degrees to positive 50 degrees Celsius
Package Included
1 * Metal Detector
1 * User Manual
The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is not.
Baterry not included becasue it was not allowed ship into plane.
Dear buyer, if you need an electronic manual, please contact me and we will send an electronic guide to help you easily use detector.
If there is a problem with the product, please contact us as soon as possible, we will help you solve it in the first time. thank you.

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