Convoy C8 Plus Flashlight with Luminus SST40 Led Linterna 18650 Flash Light High Powerful 2000lm Camping Lamp Tactical Torch

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Material: Aluminum alloy
Low voltage warning: Yes
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Lens type: Ar-coated glass lens
Reflector : Smooth
LED Bulb: SST40
Diameter of head : 44.5mm
Length : 142mm
Diameter of body : 25.2mm
Weight : 145g
Required battery type: 18650 battery
Required battery quantity: 1pcs
Charge method: USB charger
Application environment: Daily lighting; Outdoor sports, hiking, climbing, exploration, self-driving, diving, camping, fishing, riding, self-defense; Special work, security, night sighting

Package type:

A. With battery:
1*C8+ Flashlight
1*18650 rechargeable battery
1*USB charger

B. No battery:
1*C8+ Flashlight

1.Driver instructions:(4modes)

Now we offer another driver version, which has a simple 4 modes for switching, which is very suitable for ordinary users.
modes : 0.1%-3%-30%-100% max current output is 5000mA
Its biggest advantage is that no frequency can be seen in any mode, and there is temperature management.
It can control the flashlight temperature not to exceed 55 degrees Celsius,
If the flashlight temperature is below 55 degrees Celsius, it will output full current. If it is above 55 degrees Celsius, it will constantly adjust the current so that the flashlight will not overheat.

2.Driver instructions:(Stepless dimming)

1.The speed of half-press should be fast
2.flashlight flashes once per 6seconds at low voltage (3V or so),and shut down later
3.No temperature protection management,pls pay attention to the heat,

3.Driver instructions:(12groups)

It has the same temperature protection function as the 4modes version. Max current output is 5000mA.
It has 12groups, following is the driver operation instructions.

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