Metal Detector Underground Professional Depth 2.5m Search Finder Gold Treasure Hunter Detecting Pinpointer Waterproof TX-850

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TX-850 Metal Detector High Sensitivity with Probe Rod Accurately Positioning 2.5m Underground Hunter Metal Detector Gold Finder

Produce Information :

TX-850 designed with high sensitivity to find the smallest gold nuggets ,relic-hunting and coil-shooting ,search for the uncovered
treasure which can be used in backyard ,shoreline ,mountains or field afar ,the detector
can let you experience the excitement of searching the treasure .
Product Feature :
1. Elimination – Reference to a metal being eliminated means that the detector will not emit a tone ,nor light up an indicator
2. Discrimination – Allow thw user to ignore trash and other undesireble objects
3. Relic ,Iron ,Ferrous (Bronze ,old cans ,pipes ,bolts ,nails )
4.Pinpoint- Finding the exact location of a buried object
5. V.C.O – Voltage Control Osillator (The audio pitch & volume to rise as signal strength increase)
6. Automatically Ground Balance

TX-850 Spercification:
Color :Black
Stretch Length: 42 – 52 inches
Battery :1 X 9 V (6F22 Rechargeable baterry not included)
Working voltage: 9 V
Basic Sensitivity: U.S.coin (12-15 inches)
Detect depth :Max:1.5 meters (50 x 50 x 1.2 cm Aluminium Board)
Search coil : 11 Inch DD ,Waterproof , interchangeable
Frequncy: 19.23 KHZ,crystal control
Indication Modes :LCD & Sound Indicator
Package Weight: 1.65-1.75 kg(Different weighing methods will affect the weight of the package, so it is normal)
Feature :Earphone Jack(You can use your own headphones for sound debugging),Volume & Sensitivity Adjustment
Ground Balance RangeFrom ferrite to salt water inclusive
Battery Life: Up to 15 hours
Operating Temperature: (-10 to +50) Degree Celsius
Operating Humidity Range: 0 to 90% noncondensing
PortsAudio Jack

Package Included :
1 X Contal housing
1 X Upper stem
1 X Search Coil & Stem
1 X Wing nut & Threaded bolt  

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